New Archicad Tutorial: Energy Orientation Area Report with Graphic Override Visual Audit

Learn how to total up areas of exterior walls, doors & windows based on orientation for energy analysis - creating a custom Orientation property, defining a custom schedule, and setting up a Graphic Override to check if everything is tagged consistently and completely.

Archicad tutorial video - Energy Analysis Area Report

Do this yourself using the techniques I demonstrate in this 24 minute video, or get this along with hundreds of other clever, efficient, productive ideas integrated into MasterTemplate, the most robust, popular independent Archicad template.

MasterTemplate, now in its 14th year of continuous development, embeds my celebrated Best Practices methods directly into the Archicad file structure, helping you take advantage of the full power and speed of the program.

I want to thank Archicad user Richard Morrison for showing me this idea, and encouraging me to adapt and include it into MasterTemplate. Great ideas should be shared!

ARCHICAD USER Webinar – Two Veterans Pushing the Limits

The August 2020 ARCHICAD USER webinar will feature two veteran users with different backgrounds and ways of approaching things. 

They will each show us how they work, and share tips and methods to save time and deliver better projects.

One of them has used Archicad even longer than I have - Duane Valencia is one of the "original masters" of Archicad!

For complete information, and to sign up, please visit the ARCHICAD USER website.

If you miss the live session, the recording will be posted on my YouTube channel as well as on the ARCHICAD USER site.

Master Archicad! My Annual Training & Template Sale

It is my mission to help Archicad users learn and use the program with Best Practices methods that maximize the benefits of this powerful tool.

I've been working with Archicad for over 30 years, and continue to love teaching and mentoring users of all levels.

When beginners say "now I'm really getting it" and "I figured out that question by myself", I know I've succeeded in helping them get self-sufficient. When intermediate users say "I never knew you could do that" or "that's going to save me a lot of time", I know I've helped them up their game. And when advanced users come to me saying "Graphisoft couldn't help me - can you take a look at this" - then I know that I'm raising the overall knowledge level of the community.

While there are a lot of learning resources out there (and Graphisoft creates many), I specialize in teaching people how to fish (so to speak). 

What's my unique gift? Communicating the logic and reasoning, the structure, the Best Practices principles and methods that apply across projects of all types. How to have an efficient workflow throughout the project lifecycle from concept through detailed design model through construction documents and presentation.

The common problem with all manuals, and most demonstrations, tutorials and training courses, is that they explain the pieces, the commands and the buttons in isolation, or in "ideal conditions". Of course, the real world of architectural projects requires understanding how to use multiple tools, methods and steps to achieve an objective in context, often with lots of elements in play.

I love teaching people how to put these pieces together. And knowing how to approach the problem or challenge, fearlessly, so that you can figure it out and get the job done.

Right now, as we all are working in more isolation due to COVID-19, it is more important than ever to share knowledge and help each other succeed.

For this reason, and to celebrate some important personal milestones, I'm launching my annual Master Archicad promotion that will run for the month of August 2020.

My Personal Archicad Milestones

Over the past year:

  • I celebrated my 30th anniversary working with Archicad in December 2019. Starting with version 3.42, I have seen about 27 major releases to date. 
  • Earlier this year, my YouTube channel for Archicad Tutorials hit 4 million views and 30,000 subscribers. It's the most widely viewed educational resource for Archicad outside of Graphisoft.
  • Over 2200 Archicad users have purchased my online training courses and coaching programs.
  • More than 1600 firms have purchased MasterTemplate, which has been continually developed, refined and supported for 13 years.
  • The ARCHICAD USER website now has well over 4,000 members and offers free monthly webinars sharing case studies, user interviews and cutting edge methods.

Master Archicad Sale - through August 31

I've developed so many different courses and resources for Archicad that it's been a challenge when I plan out a promotion. For users looking at the options, it can be confusing, so I'm going to simplify it this year:

  • Archicad Training - Includes ALL of my own training courses plus all of the Masters of Archicad conferences and specialized courses. Total retail value is literally well over $5,000. On sale now for $497. Permanent access to all training videos. BONUS: Includes 12 months membership in my Archicad Coaching Program - get my personal assistance with your Archicad questions.
  • Archicad MasterTemplate (AMT) - The office standard for Archicad. AMT24 will ship around August 15th with full compatibility with Archicad 24, and a host of new features. Retail price normally $397. On sale now for $297.
  • Archicad Masters Bundle - All my training, 12 months coaching membership AND MasterTemplate! Only $697.

I've never offered so much for such a low price.

I do this once each year. Now is your chance. Sale runs through August 31.

Questions? Post a comment below or send me an email to support (at)

Eric Bobrow
Your Friendly Archicad Guru


VR for Architects – New Twinmotion Course

Twinmotion image of ARCHICAD model by 2e Architects

I'm pleased to announce (and co-produce) a new Twinmotion training course VR for Architects, which will be taught by my old friend Peter Twohy of 2e Architects in Timonium Maryland USA, who was featured this week in the April ARCHICAD USER webinar.

Twinmotion is a powerful rendering and animation tool that is currently available at no charge for ARCHICAD users. 

It allows you to create STUNNING images that are for more realistic and attention-grabbing than what is possible in the 3D window or even Cinerender.

​Many users have asked me "can you teach us how to use Twinmotion" and I've had to say "I'm not an expert, I don't have much experience yet with this tool."

Well, I have found the perfect person to teach this class - someone I like and respect on many levels.

I’ve known Peter for a long time, originally as a member of my ARCHICAD Best Practices Course, then later as a charter member of my Internet Marketing for Architects course and the Architect Marketing Institute.

Peter’s practice has gone from “taking anything I can get” - from local porch remodels on up - to whole house remodels and new luxury home design throughout the eastern U.S.


Because he’s become an expert ARCHICAD user AND an expert architect marketer.

I've just posted a recording of our April ARCHICAD USER webinar, in which Peter gave us all a tour of several projects, highlighting his efficient ARCHICAD design and documentation process as well as his groundbreaking usage of TwinMotion visualization and full Virtual Reality immersion (which he says “makes clients’ jaws drop”).

Peter was assisted in this presentation by his right-hand man, Chris Dvorak, who takes the design models Peter creates and develops them for working drawings as well as detailed visualization.

The presentation was an eye-opening show revealing how far you can take your own ARCHICAD models - when you use these fantastic tools to their fullest potential.

NEW: VR for Architects Website

Check out the new VR for Architects website for info on Peter's upcoming free webinar as well as the new Twinmotion course. You'll also see some rather impressive images and animations that Peter produces "almost effortlessly" from his ARCHICAD model.

Peter says that setting things up for Twinmotion visualization adds about 5% more effort to his project hours, while giving him a powerful advantage in winning projects. He actually saves time in client meetings - "they get it" and can make decisions more quickly.

The free webinar on May 4th (Peter jokes "may the force be with you") is titled:
"VR for Architects - Learn How to Make Your Clients' Jaws Drop!" 

The new course launches May 11th - visit the website to sign up with discounted intro pricing (scroll down or click the link in the navigation bar).

If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them - post a comment here, or email info (at)

Need help with ARCHICAD?

It's a strange time we all are experiencing right now with the corona virus pandemic.

I am here to help you with ARCHICAD training, coaching and support - all virtual!

For more info on my ARCHICAD training and coaching programs, please visit

Have a question that you need help with, or simply want my guidance on something? Email me at support (at)

This could be a great time to focus on learning and building your skill set, so you come out stronger on the other side.

I trust that we'll get through this eventually. Use your time wisely, stay safe and be healthy.

- Eric

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